A Thousand Days of Enso

What is A Thousand Days of Enso?

A Thousand Days of Enso is an extended art project involving painting the enso every day for 1,000 days after taking a photo of myself. I’m doing this as a way of chronicling my life over the next three years while challenging myself to do art every day. The enso is said to be representative of the individual at the moment of painting, so by juxtaposing an enso with a photograph each day I hope to create an internal and external portrait of this time frame. As the project goes on I will also share various essays about my transition, health, what I learn about sumi painting, thoughts, and other subjects that come up over the thousand days.

Why are you doing this? Why a thousand days?

Over the last few years I have been struggling with health problems that have made it difficult to do many of the things important to me, including art. Because of this I have found myself rather lost artistically and wanted to create a project that would combine physical, emotional, and artistic healing that spanned a set length of time as a personal challenge to get me back into what I love doing most. My goal is to explore the changes of the next three years through the enso, meditation, and daily notes.


I will paint the enso every day starting April 1, 2017, and post the enso and associated photo on Instagram, Patreon, and here. Other posts will be more random, but some aside from the monthly blog post will likely become scheduled depending on feedback from patrons and followers.

The Ensos





Day 1-100
Day 301-400
Day 601-700
Day 101-200
Day 401-500
Day 701-800
Day 901-1,000

Day 201-300
Day 501-600
Day 801-900