About Me

I’m Xan, an artist and performer with a tea obsession currently living in the Northwest. I spend most of my free time creating art of all kinds, exploring, reading, and searching for new stories to share when I’m not immersed in films or a D&D campaign. When I’m not writing about the undead or debating the merits of oozes as a maid service, I attend various Renaissance Faires and SCA events as a guest and performer.


I have been drawing and painting since 2004, and since 2015 I have been learning new forms of art, specifically watercolor and zen brush work. I have performed for short films, Renaissance Faires, and on stage as part of my college & post-college studies.

You can find my regular updates on Instagram, Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I occasionally use Twiter or stream on Twitch. You can also head over to YouTube to see time-lapses. [NOTE: I am currently on an indefinite hiatus from streaming. I will update the times when I resume.]

If you want to support my work, head on over to Patreon or Ko-fi, or purchase a print on Redbubble. I also offer original work through Saatchi Art.