Tea Review: Shan Lin Xi Premium

Something I’ve wanted to do for some time is review teas, both my personal favorites that I keep in my cupboard and the occasional new tea I experience while out and traveling, as well as the differences between styles of brewing and the occasional piece of teaware. My Instagram account was started with this thought in mind, but I also wanted to add them to the blog for those who weren’t on Instagram or preferred reading about them in greater detail here. With that, enjoy my first tea review!

Tea Name:

Shan Lin Xi Premium (Winter 2014)


Premium GaoShan Cha (high elevation oolong)


Taiwan, high elevation


Beautiful Taiwan Tea

Brewing Style:

1 tsp/8 oz of water, 3 minutes, ~190°F


Lightly floral with notes of freshly wet leaves


Pale yellow-green


Floral with flavors of fresh green leaves, yet maintaining the semi-fermented flavor present in oolongs. Body is light but full with no bitterness/tannin.


Flavor intensifies briefly before fading, with light floral notes lingering the longest. Aftertaste is persistent.