Comfort Food

Normally I’m not a huge chocolate person, so most of it goes to my partner (he is a true brownie connoisseur). However I periodically go through periods of enjoying or even craving it, but my tastes are incredibly picky. Cheap chocolate isn’t worth it to me when I can find Belgian or other truly delicious cacao creations. That being said, I have a weakness for a good, hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie, which is why yesterday while cooking dinner and in the throws of a major chocolate craving I clicked on a new cookie recipe called a brookie – half chocolate chip, half brownie. With a kind, dough-rolling assist from my partner,  we emerged from baking with some of the most delicious cookies – both chip and brownie variety – that I have ever had. They’ve easily taken the top rung from our previous chocolate chip cookies, and will without a doubt be made far more frequently than is probably healthy. … Continue readingComfort Food

Granola & Granola Bars

Trail Tips – Granola Recipe Having a form of quick energy with you when going on a hike or walk is important, whether it’s homemade or store-bought. Everyone’s had a moment where they feel tired and want to rest, and having a snack like trail mix or an energy bar close at hand can help give you the boost to finish your trek without feeling like you’re slogging it the rest of the way. Prepackaged granola or granola bars were my go-to for a long time until I found out how easy it was to make my favorite granola mix at home (not to mention cheaper!). I started with a recipe I found on Completely Delicious and modified it to mimic a mix found at my local bakery. In the end, my recipe came out like this: Granola: 4 cups Oats 1.5 cups Almond Slices 1.5 cups White Raisins 1.5 cups Dried Cranberries 9 Tb Maple Syrup 4 Tb Olive Oil 1 Tb Cinnamon Cook on a baking sheet at 350˚ for 20 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. This recipe came out more loosely packed, rather than in clumps, like a lot of granolas, but it was delicious plain orContinue readingGranola & Granola BarsContinue readingGranola & Granola Bars