About Me

I’m Xan, a bigender artist and performer with a tea obsession currently living in the Northwest! I spend most of my free time creating art of all kinds, hiking, reading, and searching for new stories to share when I’m not immersed in films or a D&D campaign. Fond of all things cold and fishy, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean aren’t safe from my pen (or snorkel). When I’m not writing about the undead or debating the merits of oozes as a maid service, I attend various Renaissance Faires and SCA events as a guest and performer.


As of  an injury in 2015 I have been learning new forms of art, specifically watercolor and zen brush work. I was unable to paint or draw for several years and have slowly been working my way towards doing the things I love once again. Although my physical activity is currently limited, I find ways to capture the joy of hiking and swimming in bird watching, bonsai, and participating in the iNaturalist community.

You can watch me draw Mon-Thurs at 2:00 pm on Twitch, or head over to YouTube to see time-lapses. [NOTE: I am currently on an indefinite hiatus from streaming. I will update the times when I resume.]

If you feel like donating, head on over to Patreon or Ko-fi.

I’m also on Twiter and Instagram.